Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tips for a stylish and functional Mudroom and Laundry

So, I have to admit my cleaning spree has continued into a second week, which for those that know me, realize this is a big deal. I have a small attention span for repeated tasks that seem to bring no lasting value, i.e; the kids just mess it up again.
We (read: my husband) has taken over the task of remodeling our mudroom/laundry room complete with tiling, barnwood shelving, and mega organizational items. This, I am convinced, will change our lives and certainly put us on the path to whole house organization, and at the very least has allowed us (again read: husband) to hone our formerly non-existent tiling skills.
I took the advise I would give my clients and made a list of: Must haves, Would Like to Have, and Dreams (this is where the indoor/outdoor shower complete with rainforest foliage fit it).
I figured it might be good to pass this list along and also take it as an opportunity to get it out of my head and onto paper!

 ~ Define the purpose. A mudroom is only as good as it's easiest entrance. The best laid mudrooms have become pantries because the kids had to pass easier entrances like the front door to get to them. Make sure this much needed room is attached to your garage or as close to the bus stop is geographically possible.

This bright and functional space is right off the garage. It practically requests you to hang up your coat and boots, especially if they color coordinate.

~A Place for Everything and Everything in it's Place. Your grandmother was on to something (and probably tired of picking up your stuff). Take an inventory of what you have and where it should go. Whenever we design a kitchen or bath, we have the client empty everything out before we design. They end up needed about a 1/3 less than they thought because it turns out stuff like the gardening tools don't need to be in the spice drawer.

This great system from Pottery Barn gives even the most hopeless of organizers a fighting chance!

~Everyone Accounted For? How many family members will be using the space? How much room do they need? Make sure you take into consideration that your 5 year old will someday be bigger than you (trust me it happens!) and a cute little bench now will have them eating their knees years to come. Plus the size of backpacks doubles from year to year.
Are there room for guests?
This dream mudroom from Peace Design respects both present and future company.

And don't forget the four footed friends. It's great to at least have a hook or two for our companions, but here are some fun ideas that are on my Dream List.

 Whether you just have a corner to devote or a room the size of a Manhattan apt (my current mudroom reno is the size of my first Manhattan apt), devoting some time to planning and organizing will keep you ahead of the clutter ahead.
There are some great inspirational ideas on both Houzz.com and Pinterest to help get you started on your own road to organizational paradise. Just click here to check out my inspirational board and get more fun tips! 

Happy Organizing!


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