Monday, November 5, 2012

Holiday Happenings!

Mandeville Canyon Designs and Whirlygigs gearing up for another fabulous tree!     

I can't believe the fall has flown by and we are already thinking about the Festival of Trees! 

Many thanks to those of you who had the chance to tour Tablescapes this past weekend in Portsmouth.
Tablescapes is wonderful event featuring some of the top designers from the Northeast each designing their own interpretation of the ultimate table setting. All proceeds from the weekend event and gala preview party go to aid Arts In Reach  offering afters school and enrichment programs for girls 13-18 in the fields of visual and performing arts.
My table was entitled: Table of Contents and featured a whimsical interpretation of a dining table with a dream team dinner guest list~ Edgar Allen Poe, J.K. Rowling, Lewis Carroll, and our own Dan Brown. The table was made entirely of books that had been upcycled and stacked together (which in itself was a feat in physics!). I gathered items to represent the authors from all over the United States, including commissioning an original oil and acrylic on books entitled, "Into the Sea~ Edgar Allen Poe" by the talented L.A. artist Mike Stilkey. The subtitle of the piece was, "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover" and it required viewers to look beyond the initial chaos of the piece to find calm. I so enjoyed watching guests linger and return to for subsequent viewings to bring about a deeper understanding.
The piece was a success as it took home the People's Choice award and is hopefully headed for a little tour of it's own starting with the Children's Museum in Dover. We hope it will make a stop in a few local libraries and then is slated for an art gallery in Portsmouth in the fall.

So, now that Mr. Poe and his not so contemporaries have been tucked in for the night it's time to move on to the Festival of Trees.
For eight years now, I have had the pleasure of teaming up with Whirlygigs to design some of the most out of the box trees the festival has to offer. We have created pirate trees (complete with a floating Tinker Bell who dropped down to sprinkle fairy dust upon the tree), circus trees with a spinning dumbo, to Beany Babies,  Fuzzles, and three very "ugly" trees as a home for Ugly Dolls.
Last year we even featured a retro 60's tree with a giant bubbler in the center!
This year promises to be just as wonderful as we go traditional, with a twist, of course.
This wonderful event to benefit the Children's Chamber Fund will take place on November 29th from 11- 8pm.

I am very excited to also announce my new location at 99 Water Street in downtown Exeter. My new studio is on the second floor and has a wonderful view of the bandstand. I will be hosting an open house on the evening of the Festival of Trees from 4:30-7.  Please pop in to say hello and get a first hand tour of the space. I will be featuring some great holiday items such as the felt animal menagerie (which just expanded to include our buck) and the Recycled Rascals made of post consumer newspaper overruns. Proceeds from the sales that evening will go to the Children's Chamber Fund.

I do hope to catch up with each and every one of you this holiday season!

Warm wishes,


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Charkras and Chromatherapy

Since the beginning of time, color has had a powerful and personal impact on our psychology. Ever present, even in our sleep, it is a driving force for our emotions. Red is the color of passion, green of serenity, purple of nobility. Coca-Cola hopes that by merely seeing their branded version of red, it will evoke a thirst that can only be quenched by them.
As a designer, our color choices have an immediate and impactful meaning for our clients homes. Creating a mood would be impossible without the use of color, even if the desired effect is the absence of color.
Chromatherapy is a healing method which uses color and light to help balance that which may be lacking in our bodies, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Using the Charkra system developed by Indian Ayurvedic healers we can see how the different colors in the spectrum correspond to our emotional selves.

Violet- Top of the Head: The most meditative of the colors. Used to sooth organs, relax muscles and calm the nervous system. Best used in meditation rooms and nurseries.
Indigo- Forehead: Promotes perception and intuition. It is applied in health treatments for the eyes, ears, nose and is often used to treat addiction. This color, when used sparingly, can bring focus to a study area or office.
Blue- Throat: Promotes peace and infinity. It is believed to relieve headaches and migraines, stomach pains and cramps. A blue scarf around the neck may support those in public speaking and the vocal arts.
Green- Heart: Creates a harmonizing effect. Promotes relaxation and detoxification. Again for a space of healing or family gathering space where peace and grounding may be needed.
Yellow- Stomach: Promotes feeling of freedom. Strengthens the metabolism and the nervous system. Yellow is great in an entry way or a room where energy is needed. Be warned though that yellow is not the optimal color for a study, especially for the those dealing with ADD/ADHD as it has been known to stimulate the brain.
Orange- Pelvis: Orange evokes compassion. It symbolizes the sun and makes us alert and cheerful. Orange is used to treat depression, discontent and pessimism. Orange is a nice choice for common areas, family rooms and kitchens.
Red- Lower Body: Associated with loyalty, courage and perseverance. Red, the color of life and desire. Said to increase blood pressure and circulation. For decades red has been used in a dining area to stimulate conversation, appetite, and digestion. Some designers will argue whether it is an appropriate color for the bedroom. On record to say that my entire bedroom is BM Affinity Moroccan Spice and I adore it and I don't know anyone who has been unhappy with red in the bedroom.
Later I will speak of adding this therapy, along with aromatherapy, to the spaces of your home, such as the bath and bedroom. I would encourage you to experiment with the colors based on your Chakra needs and be bold.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Art On Union Street

                            Welcome to Spring and Art On Union Street

Mark your calendar! The 7th annual
Spring Art on Union Street will take place on Mothers Day Weekend~
Friday, May 11th from 1-7 and Saturday, May 12th from 10-4.
New buds of spring bring plenty of fresh color and inspiration.

Rose will displaying her stunning original art along with her charming tiny paintings measuring up at a pocketsize 3x3. If you haven't had a chance to start collecting these tiny gems, no better time than this spring.
8 Union Street

        I am honored once again to be a part of Art on Union Street and am thrilled to offer an afternoon of speed designing. For those of you that had the chance to meet with me this winter, you know how much we can pack into a 20 minute session. Come with your arsenal of problems, photos, and ideas and we will work magic. The time slots fill up quickly so drop me an email to schedule:

Lily Designs will be displaying her stunning one of a kind jewelry next door on 109 Front Street.
I invite you to peruse Lisa's web site and fall in love with both her designs and design philosophy. Lisa seamlessly weaves art, nature and sustainability into each of her designs while also giving back. To so perfectly quote from her site ~ One must know not just how to accept a gift, but with what grace to share it. ~ Maya Angelou

Back over at 8 Union Street, Deb McLarnon Photography will once again be displaying her breathtaking nature inspired photography (although her architecture is equally impressive!).

Maize Argondizza, Portland Maine guest artist will also be displaying her art at 
8 Union Street
Container arrangements by Jendiss Frizell on Friday and Saturday with an herb sale by Seacoast Family Promise on Saturday morning.  8 Union Street

Fringe scarves by Lois Matheson also at  8 Union Street
Festive Tree was a huge hit last season and returns to 
8 Union Street this spring. These unique hand made wooden trees are very portable and storable, although the are also so beautiful you may choose just to leave them out all year!

Please plan on joining us this spring for great friends, great art, and great laughter.
We look forward to seeing you!