Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What hue are you?

Remember when you were a kid and you got one of those big boxes of crayons, like the box of 64, and there were so many shades of the same color? For a girl like me, that was true bliss! Give them a little scribble on your paper and voila! you've got a new shade of purple!

And don't even get me started on the names of the colors!!  Blue is no longer just've got everything from Cornflower, to Aquamarine and Blizzard Blue...what about Indigo and Cerulean? Well isn't that true about paint color these days? It feels like there are about a million shades of the same color.

Its seems like so many of my clients are looking to incorporate some sort of blue into their design. Maybe it's because we are near the coast, or maybe it's because there are so many shades that can appeal to both men and women without feeling too feminine or too masculine. I'm not sure, but whatever the reason, I am loving the latest color combinations!

So how do you keep it fresh and current? I don't tend to try to stay on trend, but I do keep one eye on it! Understanding your clients preferences and how the colors make them feel sometimes outweighs the need to be "trendy"  I also like to get a feel for what's behind the colors my clients choose. Are they looking for a coast feel or a more of a morning in the redwoods? Knowing this helps to create a lasting mood.

I do think it's fun to pair your colors with a little bit of "unexpectedness"! Right now I am seeing, a lot of turquoise in the fabrics, wall coverings and accessories I am finding. It's been paired with everything from red  to black and even orange! Add a neutral like grey and you've got a stunning new look.

I recently used +Sherwin Williams Indigo (SW 6531) for a seaside cottage in Maine. It was love at first sight! 

I paired it with +Sherwin Williams   Scanda (6529), Passive (7064) and Ellie Gray (7650) to create a stunning backdrop for my orange and teal accent pieces! 

To mix things up a bit in another seaside cottage, I used +Sherwin Williams Kind Green (6457). This time I paired it with +Benjamin Moore Paints Soft Glow on an accent wall in one of the bedrooms.

To round out the color palette in this cottage I used +Benjamin Moore Paints Hush. It's still a coastal color palette, but a little different than sticking with just the blues and tans you often see.

I love to think outside the box and dare my clients to paint their ceiling something other than white. It's sort of like the fifth wall in your room, but often it's not even considered when selecting paint. Take a look at this dining room in an 1850's Farmhouse in New Hampshire.

Here it really highlight some of the details in this room that otherwise would have been overlooked. So don't just look at the 4 walls that surround you, look up too!

As always, I highly recommend purchasing samples and trying them out on your walls in your home. What looks great in the store may look totally different in the light of your home.

Until next week!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

'Tis the season!

Well, not really...but believe it or not, here at +Mandeville Canyon Designs we are already thinking about the holidays! I am excited to announce that we have partnered with Womanade of Greater Squamscott to organize the first annual Exeter Area Holiday House Tour! The event is scheduled for Sunday, December 7th, 2014 from 1-4:00pm.

All proceeds from this amazing event will be given to Womanade of Greater Squamscott, and ultimately given right back into our community. This incredible organization is able to help men, women and families who are in need of short term financial assistance. Money is given without any red tape.

So, you ask, why am I writing about the holidays in June?? For many of us here in NH, it feels like Old Man Winter practically just left!  Well, my friend, we are currently in the planning phase of our event and are asking for community support. We are presently accepting applications for homes to be featured on the tour. Our goal is to find an array of house styles and designs that are as eclectic as the residents of our community. Each home will be partnered with an area designer to help the homeowners bring that "ooohh and ahhh" to their holiday décor.

We have already received lots of support from the local community and businesses in town, such as Churchill's Gardens and the Inn by the Bandstand.

In fact we already have one fabulous home that will be featured on the tour, plus one other surprise....but if I told you what it is that would sort of be like peeking at your gifts before the big day!

Think about it...Maybe it's time you opened up your doors and showcased your home? What could be better than having your home beautifully decorated and ready to receive guests weeks before the holiday hoopla begins? 

If you would like to learn more about the Exeter Area Holiday House Tour please check out our website or find us on Facebook.

It's sure to be a fun and fabulous event!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wallpaper is back and it's better than ever!

The rumors are true, wallpaper is back!! It's better than ever and it's here to stay.

With today's technology, the possibilities are endless. There once was a time when you were limited to floral prints or very traditional patterns, but now you will see everything from graphic patterns and bold prints to nature inspired designs and even a more industrial look, like cement and steel.

Right now, I am loving the resort collection from Thibaut.  It's  bold and bright. And it practically makes you feel the warmth of sunshine radiating off your walls. It's fun, fashionable and totally sophisticated. You can even coordinate your fabrics, if you so choose! This particular print is called "Shore Thing". It comes in several different colors. How fun would it be to design a room using Shore Thing in Turquoise with red and white accents to create a fresh take on Red, White, and Blue?

If artistry is what you're looking for, then search no farther than Martha Armatige. She may be in her 80's but that hasn't stopped her! Her wallpaper designs, as seen in these images, are works of art, timeless and stunning. It's hard to believe, but she actually draws these custom papers! I admire her tenacity and it's never too late attitude as well as her beautiful artwork.


+Serena & Lily make their own wallpaper designs and they coordinate beautifully with their signature fabrics. Use their patterns to incorporate color, pattern and style into your room. Home has sweet, low key prints in lots of pastel that don't intimidate a first timer, although of course my favorite is "Casa de Millagros".

Not only has wallpaper come along way with its design, but now it is much easier to apply, and more affordable than ever. Now you can use wallpaper to add a little "wow factor" without breaking the bank. And if you grow tired of your look, it's easy to change in a few years.

Many companies like +Sherwin Williams  are now offering removable wallpaper. It's the perfect solution for someone who likes to redecorate or change things up often! Check out these designs that you can find at +Target!

All you need to do is peel and stick. It's simple to apply, reposition and remove...Amen!

Try it on a door, an accent wall or inside a bookcase.

They offer everything from a modern zigzag to a more traditional Damask. Perfect for a front entry, bathroom, a book case or a nursery!

I am happy to report that there even are some Eco-friendly companies that are on the rise. Recycled paper, non-toxic paste and PVC free and most companies are here is the US! Check out what Twenty2 Handprint has to offer. I especially love their grass cloth collection. +Eskayel also has a nice offering of eco-friendly and fashionable wall coverings.

+Spoonflower is one of the eco-friendly companies that is now offering removable/repositionable wallpaper which is great for apartments or those that just want a quick infusion. They can also design anything you can imagine.
For those timid about committing to an entire wall, think about just one focal wall, or trim out a wall in molding.  Try a splash above or below a chair rail. In this picture I used a touch of wallpaper inside a china hutch.
Also love the idea of running it up a flight of stairs. Wouldn't this put an extra zing in your step every time you have to run upstairs (for the millionth time that day!)?!!

You can't go wrong with a touch of wallpaper from Osborne & Little, F. Schumacher Co., Lee Jofa or York+Anthropologie always has fun retro patterns that put the H in Hip.

Wallpaper in 2014 gives us more design possibility than we could've imagined.

Your walls have never looked so good! 


Monday, June 2, 2014

Show your true colors!

So, last week I played hooky from our blog, but for good reason. My son had the opportunity to play in the D3 Baseball World Series Championships in Appleton, Wisconsin, for the second time in a row.
Now, being the mom of a pitcher, you hear all sorts of things being yelled from the stands. One that has stuck out over the years though as been, "Paint the corners, kid". This means move your ball around the strike zone and keep 'em guessing. Very easy to yell as a spectator.
Appleton, Wisconsin is about the best place to hold this tournament as they are just one big mid-west basket of kindness. You can't walk down the street without engaging in full conversations with complete strangers. The architecture also displays this generosity of spirit as they are not shy in displaying their love for detail and color.
'Paint the corners, kid' got me thinking. As I was soaking in the diversity of style and palette, it might be a good idea to post a little something on exterior colors. Whatever your material, there will come a time when it has to be addressed and a little thought and prep work can go a long way both esthetically and practically.

Mother Nature hit us with a long winter, whose effects on your house have surely come to light as you have come out of hibernation, and started spending more time outdoors.

It's likely that you already know that repainting your entire house is going to cost you a good chunk of change. And since it's not necessary to do it all that often (thankfully!), it's a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. You're going to have to look at it and love it for years to come!

I saw these two houses in Appleton, WI and had to stop and pause for a moment (...something designers do a lot when we see something that inspires us!) What

I fell in love with while gazing at these two lovelies, was that they had that iconic Victorian sort of Painted Lady look but on a classic craftsman style house! And it works so beautifully!

There are plenty of historical palettes to choose from and they don't need to be used for just that period. I think it's fun to mix up the period colors with different architectural style. I particularly love this brick house for bringing in some color detail without distracting from the brick. The matching chairs out front are a nice touch too!

In order to narrow your decision down, there are some a few things to consider; such as the color of your roof, chimney, walkways, front steps and even your driveway. While you won't be painting these elements they still certainly play a role in what color you choose.

Take this house for example, I particularly like the use of the stone and mustard color. Here they found a color that they liked within the stone and chose to call that out in the overall color scheme. It would have been equally dramatic to go with a gray, it's just a matter of personal taste.

Study your surroundings and take some queues from nature. Trees and lots of leafy green foundation plantings may suggest an earthy palette of greens and browns. If you have lots of spring blooms in vibrant colors, choose a paint color that will compliment them. A beach setting might suggest vivid blues, turquoises, and coral colors.

You may also want take into consideration your neighbors house(s). You don't have to imitate their palette, and certainly you have the freedom to put your own spin on your color scheme, but it might be nice to compliment each other!

Many paint companies like +Benjamin Moore Paints and +Valspar Paint will provide you with color palettes that work together. I like how creative they've become with the color wheel. Some palettes use opposite colors, such as red and yellow, while others stay on the same side of the wheel, analogous, and play off the architecture with more subtlety.

We learn so many important lessons from the past, therefore it's important to honor your homes history. If you are looking to preserve the past, you will probably want to use a color scheme that is historically true. Refer to a historic color chart too select something to reflect on the past. Or, if you are looking to update the look of your house, while highlighting some of the architectural details, go for it! It can often result in a very dramatic façade! Just be sure that your house still honors it's surroundings.

I'd be lying if I told you that choosing your exterior paint color was going to be easy, but hopefully I've given you some insight and tips to help narrow down the choices!

Good luck and remember, "Paint the corners, kid!"