Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Table of Contents

This time two years ago I was eye ball deep in Cheshire Cat's, Raven's, Mandrakes, and Dan Brown (ok well at least some items he so kindly let me borrow!). And books. Lots and lots of books.

tabletop, table settings, tablescapes
Photography courtesy of David Murray
Designers from around the region were charged with creating a tabletop that was simply  "Something over the top,  a fanciful table setting either real or imagined, but make it memorable."

Because I live by the motto, "Have just enough information at your fingertips to say, Yes", making a table out of books and inviting (theoretically) four famous authors to the table, seemed like a good idea.

tabletop, table settings, tablescapes

Hundred's of hours later, several saw blades, nails, glue and a review of my physics class and we (and by that I mean a dedicated group of selfless volunteers and myself)  came up with, "Table of Contents" Tablescapes People's Choice Award for 2012.

We set the stage for Edgar Allen Poe with a hand made feather chair (I can not recall how many feathers were sewn into that seat!), a stunning bespoke hand painted collection of books by Mike Stilkey and masks depicting my favorite Poe story, Hop Frog.

Lewis Carol made an appearance with the queen's chair and Cheshire Cat, a charming teapot lamp and handcrafted tea set complete with hedgehog croquet ball (the flamingo rests lightly beside the queen's chair).

A cryptex piqued visitors curiosity as well as a
host of paraphernalia from Dan Brown's famed Angels and Demons and the DaVinci Code  both which occupied the third corner, while a precariously tall collection of chairs topped by a sorting hat rounded out JK Rowlings seat of honor. The troublesome Mandrakes found their way into trouble by combing through the guests belongings.


And all for a good cause.

Tablescapes was created to benefit the Arts and Reach program in Portsmouth, NH. This wonderful organization seeks to empower young women through the arts. Classes are offered in dance, theater, songwriting, singing, visual arts and creative writing. Building valuable skills in leadership, confidence, and lasting relationships with both peers and professionals. AIR also provide a nurturing atmosphere that fosters good choices and safe alternatives.

This years collection of tables looks to be the best yet and I am honored to be part of the judging staff.

The gala opening night celebration starts at 6pm on Friday November 7th and runs all weekend. In addition to the stunning tables there are workshops being held throughout as well (highly recommending anything wine and cheese tasting related).

For more information, be sure to check out their website and facebook page.

And take a peek at our own pinterest page for more Tablescapes inspiration.

Hope to see you there!



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