Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter Design Trends

I was preparing for an interview last week on Winter Trends and it got me thinking about the changing of the seasons, snuggling in and the whole concept of Trending.

For those of you that know me, you will know I am not the trendy type and neither are my clients.
While our politics might not reflect it, when it comes to design, New Englanders are a pretty temperate bunch. There are no, "just becauses". Each decision comes with a platter full of practicality. 

So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I started researching the most recent trends in design for this fall and winter, that I was indeed on trend, merely by virtue of my natural design style.

Go figure!

A natural mixture of organic materials and ethnic inspiration photo credit: trendy.com

It stands to reason that organic, natural, and sustainable materials are always trendy.

Rich, nature inspired colors, heavy in texture and weight will always be in style, but this year don't forget to balance them with a bit of the whimsical, ethereal, and lighter weight. 

photo credit: justbesplendid.tumblr.com
Balance never goes out of style either.
Winter naturally brings about more layering. Heavier weight materials and faux furs (always faux!). 

photo credit: punktse.tunblr.com

Winter whites with undertones of brown and gray work any time of year, but as the sun struggles to muster up the energy to rise overhead, these lighter tones will invite the rays to stay just a little longer before retreating.

This parquet wood tile is from ADKO's Mansion Porcelain Library 

Barn elements continue to be popular with "wood" tiles and sliding barn doors leading the fashion pack. 

I find myself suggesting tile flooring that mimics wood to many clients looking for a great textured element but with the ease of water clean up and no refinishing. Add some radiant heating and big faux fur pillow and you might find me curled up on your kitchen floor. 

photo credit: bluebergitt.wordpress.com
The fashion world has promised us more distressed denim. You know, the kind your mom said, "Why should I pay good money on something that looks it just went through the chipper?!"

photo credit: writeontrend.com

Fabrics and tiles seem to be trekking the globe from Tribal to Ethnic with influences spanning from the middle east to Europe.

A recent bathroom we did incorporating Moroccan and Italian tile

And a the juxtaposition of color is always a personal favorite of mine. Pairing of unassuming colors is like that great couple that people can't figure out, but they just click. 
Think ballet slipper pink with cobalt or a whisper of gray with the rich aplomb of eggplant.


Finally, mix well with the loose and blousy look of Bohemia. This style is forgiving in both fashion and design. It says, "Come as you are. Bring me your grandmothers couch, your favorite scarf from beloved travels and no worries about the cheesecake you ate last night, we can make that work too."
Who doesn't love that!

photo credit: ecosalon.com

So, welcome this wintery season with open and forgiving arms. Embrace contrast, change, and even purple. 

Take a chance!



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