Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tile with Style!

Beachwood Tile by FINE
Tile has way more style than you may have thought! Gone are the days of boring square and rectangular tiles. Today our options are literally endless! Not only are there so many variations on shapes and styles, now there are tiles to mimic other materials.
Right now tile plank floor meant to mimic wood is all the rage!  And you can go inexpensive like Lowe's or really high end with parquet patterns. The color and pattern options are endless and they are so much easier to care for than wood floors. Most people don't believe they aren't wood. True story, my kiddo dropped his Ninja star on the floor (don't ask) expecting it to land squarely in the wood. Good thing he is fleet of foot :).
I found this beautiful accent tile right in town at G & N Flooring
I am currently working on a bathroom where we are going to use a tile that looks like linen on the floor with a porcelain tile that mimics copper sheeting on the walls and a birch looking tile in the shower. It's gorgeous! And gives a nod to my clients roots back in Aspen, which makes their NH home feel even more like home to them!
It seems like the most popular styles now are taken from other materials...wood, fabric, metals, etc.
A great way to pull it all together is to use a thin accent tile that has all the materials in it. In the bathroom we will use a ribbon of 1x1's with a mix of slate laced with iron, glass, and copper. It brings continuity to the space without overwhelming it or costing a ton.
Check out some of my personal favorites. Here are some from +ANN SACKS. This is actually a porcelain tile, made to look like wood.  It's durable, practical and oh so versatile!              

As mentioned on the Ann Sacks website, the Cowden Bell tiles shown here are made from renowned Herman Oak leather. These tiles are slightly thinner than saddle leather and suitable for both floors and walls. Hand-dyed and stamped by Cowden Bell, each tile is subtly different in color and texture, and affords a warm, richly detailed and resilient floor. 

 Glass tiles offer many incredible design ideas. They bring in patterns and light in ways that other products simply can't!
I also love AKDO. These pictures clearly show you that there is a tile out there for everyone! 

The flooring in this picture is actually porcelain tiles!

 As you can see anything is possible when it comes to designing with tiles these days.
For more inspiration, check out my new board, "Tile with Style" on +Pinterest!
Happy tiling!

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