Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meet my friend Art!

Artwork by Rose Bryant
I love my friend Art. Want to know why? Because Art knows how to transform a space. Art doesn't need to be expensive, just good looking. And once you've met the right Art, it takes on a whole different meaning.

What am I really talking about? Artwork of course! No matter what your budget, the art that you choose for your walls can completely transform your space.

I really work hard with my clients to have the art they choose mean something. It doesn't have to be an original, it just has to be meaningful.

Know thy Medium. You don't have to have been an Art History Major (although having a son who was is awfully handy), to appreciate and feel good art when you see it.
Think about what attracts you on an emotional level and try to incorporate that into your room design. Are you very traditional, then you may lean toward oils. Connected to the local landscape then you may want something created by a local artist or photographer. Maybe you're the modern type, in which case something more abstract may tickle your fancy!  A trip to the local museum or gallery will work wonders for the senses. 

More stunning artwork by local artist Rose Bryant
I love shopping local for artwork. Not only because it's important to me to support local businesses, but because I often feel that there's more of a connection to the artwork.

One of my favorite local artists is Rose Bryant (pictured here).  Click here to see more of her work.

Artwork by Jay Schadler

Artwork by Jay Schadler
I also adore Jay Schadler, click here to see more of Jay's artistry.  These local artists create pieces that tell stories and they are so accessible to their clients.

Even if you are just starting out, you can afford great art work. Sites like Art.com have reasonably priced prints as well as Surya.com which is available only to the trade, so you'd need to work with your designer to find the right piece for you on that particular site. 
There are also some very popular "flash" sites like Joss and Main and Ones Kings Lane. On these sites you can find a great artist at a fraction of the original piece price.
Andrea Pramuk

Andrea Pramuk
For my latest cottage I was completely enamored with Andrea Pramuk. Visit One Kings Lane and search Andrea Pramuk to find more of her pieces. I found her work to be both curious and investigative. I wanted to travel into her artwork to see beyond what she had created.

Once you have found a few pieces that fit the bill, both in price and meaning, you need to determine where to hang it. Typically, gallery height is roughly 57" from the floor to the center of the picture. Perfect for my assistant and I, who are slightly vertically challenged, but a bummer for tall people, so maybe factor that in before you hang your artwork. There is nothing worse than when things are hung too high to look at, unless it's a purposeful arrangement.
Also consider interesting arrangements of artwork using different frame styles, mixing mediums and materials, using shelves to rest artwork on etc. Take a look at the Pinterest board I created with lots of inspiration and useful advice for how to arrange your art. Click here!

Photo credit http://knightmovesblog.blogspot.com/
Don't forget to assess your space. Do you have a large wall to fill? Or is it a "not so big" kind of space? Consider this, one small object on a large wall will look silly and maybe even a bit lonely, while a piece that is too big on a small wall will seem overwhelming. Aim for a balance of art and empty space.
The key is to make it express you..your feelings, your passions and your interests. There is no price tag on celebrating you!

Be sure to say hi to Art for me!


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