Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nature never goes out of style

My love for nature started at an early age. I simply love the colors, texture, sights and sounds of the outdoors. That's why I LOVE the opportunity to take my design outside this time of year. I'm able to use nature's beauty to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space for families to enjoy. Over the years some great new products and outdoor designs have popped up, but I still love to integrate natural products whenever and wherever possible.

+Freshome recently published an article on some of this years hottest outdoor design trends. I have to admit, I love them all! A yard is an extension of our living space. It doesn't have to be big to be useful. Having a smart, beautiful design outside is just as important as having one on the inside. Your exterior is the first impression of your home. It should reflect your personality.

So where do you begin?

You can never go wrong with a fire pit. There is nothing better than sitting around a fire with family or friends and looking up at the stars. A fire pit can serve you well through many seasons, make s'mores in the summer or chase the chills away in the fall.
Enjoying the evening outside, possible with a fire pit – Rick O’donnell Architect

I am just loving the shape and placement of this firepit! 

I'll take the view that goes with this firepit too please!

I love to take any opportunity I can to use natural materials and there's no more fitting place to do so than in your yard. I am not going to lie to you...it's more costly upfront to use stone, or real wood materials but they will last longer and in the end, you'll actually come out ahead.

Beautiful natural stone bench from Finnerty LLC

 If you are short on space but want to be big on style, try installing a wall garden like this one by Debora Carl

Wonderful example of a neat wall garden – Debora Carl

We installed this wall garden at the York Decorators Showhouse. Instead of looking at a blank wall of siding this wall stands out as if there's a beautiful piece of artwork hanging there! Much easier on the eyes!

You should also remember to use plantings that are native to your region. No sense in planting something pretty, only to find out it won't survive long in your local climate. Native plants will be happier in your garden and thus thrive.
Most importantly, we should all remember to unplug and go outside. Breathe in the fresh air, soak up some sunshine, listen to the birds.


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