Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Home is where your mom is...

Homes are like moms, reliable, strong and beautiful. That said, your home should be that place that wraps you in a warm hug, it's always there for you when you need it, it holds you quietly when need be, or let's you be loud when the spirit moves you. It loves you even when you aren't loving it back (for the moment).  And just like your mother, your home can sometimes get overlooked, because it's so reliable and you know it (or she) will always be there for you. Sometimes we simply forget to stop and give it a little love.

Maybe this weekend, for Mother's Day, it's time to show your mom, and your home how much they are loved and appreciated!

After you've celebrated mom, how about a little something for your own home? Perhaps an inexpensive refresh!?

Here are a few of my latest, and greatest favorite finds.

I'm loving this beautiful fabric by Duralee. The orange creates a great pop of color & Mr. Octopus is just so cool!

If orange is not your thing, these pillows from +West Elm have a softer tone, but will work well with pretty much any color d├ęcor and they still feel fresh & summery.

Pair them with this cool daybed from +West Elm and you've got yourself a cozy place to relax with a good book...or a nap!

If you're looking to add some POP! of color, these should do the trick for you!

A knitted yellow pouf from +CB2 

 I love how this rug from Surya pulls together so many colors. The possibilities are endless!

Add some artwork, also from Surya, and a pretty blue lamp from +angelo:HOME Store and you've got a fresh new look!

So here's to celebrating all those strong, reliable moms and homes who are all so beautiful on the inside and out!



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