Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hang in there!

Another week, another snowstorm here in NH! And another one on the way to boot! There must be at least 50 inches of snow in my front yard. The kids haven't had a full week of school in weeks! Even my friends who love winter are hanging up the white flag (you just can't see it under all of the snow!)!  So the term, "Hang in there!" has been used a lot lately!

But what I really meant to say was "Hang it there!"...meaning hang some wallpaper! No seriously, wallpaper is cool. Way cooler than it used to be.

Many of my clients have reservations about wallpaper, and I get it. It kind of earned a bad rap a few decades ago. Most of you are worried that it's no longer in style, or that it will quickly go out of style. Some are concerned that it's difficult put up and even more difficult to get down.

West Elm
Sepulveda Mural Wallpaper - Graystone

Well, the good news is that wallpaper today is very much in fashion and with today's advances in technology and design, wallpaper is much easier to install and to remove. And for those commitment-phobes out there, you can even buy temporary wallpaper.

There are so many great companies out there making some beautiful wallpaper. There is no doubt, that there is something for everyone! And there are so many different ways incorporate wallpaper into your design.

Wallpaper can totally transform the look and feel of a room. Have you ever felt that a painted wall feels, well...."flat"? In comes some wallpaper and voila! bring on the dimension! If you are feeling a little nervous about wallpapering an entire room, try just covering an accent wall. You will still get the effect, without as much of a commitment.

Found on beachblissliving.com

Remember to choose your wallpaper carefully. These days wallpaper is made from all kinds of materials. Pick the one that's most suitable for your room. For example, you may want to use a vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom where it's moist. Consider a wallpaper with a washable finish for high-traffic areas like hallways, mudrooms, or for that matter kids room (I still have visions of hand and footprints on my kids walls!). In fact, wallpaper can be more forgiving and easier to care for than just a painted wall!

The entryway is another fun place to use wallpaper. You can apply it to the walls, or even the stairs!

Found on theboldabode.com
Found on bhg.com

Still not sure what to do?? Look no further than UP!! You betcha! Wallpaper on the ceiling is a brilliant idea! It's a dreamy touch to a nursery, or a bold statement in an office!

Found on homeadore.com

Found on projectnursery.com

Here's  something funny...I absolutely love wallpaper and yet I have none of it in my house. Stands to reason that if you loved something, you would want to have it around you, and that's exactly why I don't. See, I have such a love of wallpaper that I can't choose! Yes, it even happens to designers. I am paralyzed by all of the wonderful options;  Graphic, floral, photographs of corrugated tin siding! I have decided that the responsible thing to do is just continue to love from afar (and wait until our new studio is painted, and then...watch out!)!

Now that I've got you thinking wallpaper, be sure to check back next week, we'll be featuring my favorite wallpaper designers!

Until then, have fun imagining the possibilities!


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