Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April showers...and other bath trends!

April showers have got me thinking of the latest trends in bath designs (see how I did that? April showers...showers in the bathroom...?!) In all seriousness, I have more and more clients asking to remodel their master bath or other bathroom in their homes. As with all home design, there are trends that come and go. There are some elements that stay the same. And in today's day and age there are new technologies to introduce.

Here are my top 5 trends in bath design!

1. Skip the tub and go for a more sizable shower: I'm not sure exactly what's causing this shift in bath design, but I am definitely seeing a trend toward creating beautiful expansive showers and leaving the tub out of the design. Could it be that we are just so busy in our modern day lives that we don't have time for a soak in the tub? Bigger definitely seems better in this case!


2. If you aren't willing to skip the tub, make it a free standing soaking tub!  Listen, I understand, it seems counterintuitive to design a master bath retreat without a luxurious tub, right? Some of us just aren't ready to forego it just yet. However, trends have changed. Jetted tubs are a thing of the past. Large soaking tubs are the latest and greatest in bath design. And I, for one, LOVE them!!! Because of their size and the wide array of design choices available today, the soaking tub can quickly become a focal point in your bath retreat. You no longer have to tuck it in a corner. Showcase one of these babies!

Master bath designed by Mandeville Canyon Designs

Master bath retreat designed by Mandeville Canyon Designs

3. Bring on the heat! Perhaps it's because we live in New England where so often it's chilly, or maybe it's because our lives are so busy that we seek to have a spa-like experience in the comfort or convenience of our own homes. Whatever the reason I am seeing the addition of "heat" in my bath designs. Who wants to step out of the bath or shower onto a freezing cold tile floor? No one! Bring on the heated floors! Electric floor heating makes sense in the bathroom because it works well with linoleum, laminate or tile, and the heat spreads evenly over the entire floor while warming up the surrounding air.

Photo credit: www.lowesforpros.com
One of my favorites to bring heat into the bath is with an +EcoSmart Fire fireplace like the one I installed in this master bath renovation. It not only adds warmth, it's beautiful and adds an exquisite element of luxury. I know I'd feel like the queen soaking in the tub with the warm glow of a fire.

Master bath retreat designed by Mandeville Canyon Designs

4. Custom vanities: Gone are the days of selecting cabinetry right off the shelf. Now we are able to design cabinetry specifically to suit your needs and your design taste. In addition, one of the hottest trends is to design based on the user experience. Trying to be more practical and think functionality as much as beauty. When redesigning a clients' bath, I always be sure to ask both the husband and the wife how they use their bath day-to-day and what they feel is missing. Men typically have different needs than women, but with custom cabinetry, I am able to accommodate both sets of needs without compromising style. I have found that everyone is seeking more cabinet space in the bathroom to keep the clutter off the counter!

Designed by Mandeville Canyon Designs

Designed by Mandeville Canyon Designs 
Cabinetry by PK Surroundings

5. High tech and highly efficient: We can't avoid it, not even in the bathroom...technology is everywhere! I like to think that it is improving our lives in ways we never dreamed of ...like the toilet!  Take for example the AT200 smart toilet by DVX. It features luxury conveniences such as hands-free flushing, automated lid opening and closing, and seat heating join a completely adjustable two-nozzle water-spray system with integrated air dryer to create a state-of-the-art smart toilet that delivers the ultimate in performance and efficiency.

The AT200 smart toilet from DXV by American Standard
Not only are faucet designs more beautiful than ever, they are of course, smarter than ever! Sensor operated faucets are making their way into the home and finding themselves right in your very own bathroom!

Sensor faucet by American Standard
For those techy people out there, try hooking up your iPod to play music in the shower with the MTI Stereo H2O! From the rhythm of the rolling sea to your favourite melody , the new Stereo H2O bath tub wraps you in strains of relaxing music. Music Therapy is an established treatment that promotes wellness and healing, relieves stress and alleviates pain.

These are just a few of my favorite bath design trends of 2015. For more ideas and inspiration, check out my Pinterest board, Dream Bathrooms.

And remember, "April showers, bring May flowers!"


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