Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Trendspotting in NYC!

I was like a kid in a candy shop, walking through the 2015 +Architectural Digest Home Design Show last week! More than 300 companies exhibit and over 40,000 people attend. My "amateur" photos below don't do justice as to how brilliant the show was, but it is a sneak peak into some of my favorite things!

It is simply amazing to me that year after year more and more creative designs are presented. This is what makes me love my job so much...it's never boring!
It comes as no surprise to me that much of what I saw reinforced the theme of organic earthy elements with lots of reclaimed wood materials. It's still super hot, especially in the kitchen.

If you are loving the reclaimed wood trend, then I think you will absolutely drool over anything by Palo Samko.
Next on my list of hot trends is anything by Brizo. They are always ahead of the curve in design and ease of use. This kitchen faucet, Artesso, is ergonomic genius with an almost Sherlock Holmes industrial vibe. I can't help myself...totally getting one!

Brizo Artesso faucet

Wonderwall Studios is a fun take on the traditional tile and is no more expensive! Organic and warm to the touch, it has limitless applications.
Below are some stunning samples using Wonderwall Studios tiles to add warmth to a room with some unexpected applications.

As seen on Wonderwallstudios.com

As seen on Wonderwallstudios.com
One of the most exciting booths I visited was that of JM Lifestyles. They are a leader in concrete fabrication and creates out of this world designs for kitchens and bath, indoor and outdoor. It's warm and sensual and ecofriendly.  Believe it or not, this table is not even wood...but I dare you to tell the difference!
JM Lifetyles

Look for our collaboration later this year!

And who doesn't want an acrylic ping pong table like this one??  With looks this good, the game room no longer has to be an eyesore!

Another hot trend that struck a chord with me was the appearance of smarter technology in everyday items. I am always impressed at the technological smarty-pants of the world...and their creations certainly made a bold appearance at the show this year. Voice activation and multitasking appliances are taking the market by storm. With some of these advances you will literally be able to turn down the heat on your oven while you relax in your backyard with guests! Imagine the luxury in that!

As for multitasking appliances, we're talking about ranges that you can grill, griddle, boil water, use the conventional oven, which can be switched to steam-enhanced for the baker in you....or use the convection oven all while keeping your plates warm in the warming compartment! Whew! And I thought I could multitask! This thing does it all! If only it could prepare the food itself....

Stay tuned to see how we incorporate these hot new design trends into our clients' designs!

We can't wait!


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