Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Let's cut the rug!

Rugs are often viewed as the foundation of your décor and are frequently the springboard for the color scheme you choose for your room. But they also need to serve a purpose; comfortable under your feet, maybe soft enough that you can lay down on it to watch a movie, or it may just be the final piece you need to pull a room together. Because of this, it can be very tricky to find the right rug. 

I have a tendency to choose vibrant rugs  with lots of colors to choose from. This way we can mix and match colors for the walls, the furniture and the accessories and still keep the grounding element the same. 
Take a look at the design board below. Here, I wanted to play up the geometric designs and let the mandala's be our inspiration so I added some soft circles in the chair, table and the lamp. To balance the feminine, I offered a rectangular pattern in the console. Soft window treatments offer a timeless feel and repeat back to the colors in the rug. Go bold with a hit of orange on the walls or play it down with a soft gray on the brown side. As you can see, this rug gives you endless possibilities!

*rug is from Anthropologie.

So what style rugs do I see trending right now? Well, going along with the trend of organic with a side of bohemia, natural materials such as jute and hemp are popular. I am also seeing a lot of patterns with Mandalas and world patterns such as Moroccan tile.

I also love using indoor/outdoor rugs in high traffic areas like in front of kitchen sinks and under dining room tables. Everyone loves the idea of a rug under the dining room table, but they don't realize the maintenance involved during the messy eating years (0-99). There are some really great colors and patterns out now that look fabulous and can even pop right into a commercial washer. Dash and Albert, GrandinRoad, and Company C have some great choices.

I'm using this pretty rug from Company C under a table in a beach house. It will keep up with surf, sand, and cereal :)
Rug from Company C

I also absolutely love anything from Angela Adams because not only are her rugs sumptuous and warm, but they tell a story. I can just imagine as a child playing on one of these rugs and carrying those memories through a lifetime. She has a knack for involving the senses.

Angela Adams Cumulus Rug
Pappelina rugs available at Amy Dutton Home
If you are local, be sure to check out some of the beautiful Pappelina rugs offered for sale at Amy Dutton Home in Kittery, ME.  These are super easy to care for, so they are great for the kitchen or eating area.

For more rug ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out my Pinterest board, Rugs with Tactile Style!

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