Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Reno by Any Other Name?

I have to admit, I do love those reno blogs like +Young House Love and have toyed with the idea of documenting one of our own projects from start to finish, but I am always dogged by the same few details that no doubt lead to my demise, namely progress photos and time. It’s kind of like the lack of photos of my third child (I have four, but the last is a girl, so well you get the idea)…I was too busy participating to actually document.

But, patience is nothing if not patient, so I am committed to the idea (and my tireless assistant is committed to keeping me committed, if not in fact committing me) and we are excited to bring you along on our latest master bath renovation.

Baths are probably some of my absolute favorite projects. They combine romance and practicality. They are space challenged yet have high expectations for that space and beg for the occupants to linger when most want nothing more than to get on with their day.  I love when I can transform a utilitarian space into one of the most desired places in the home.




For this client, as with many, organization was a top priority. There is just so much “stuff” in a bathroom that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Before we start I always like my clients to do a cleanse. Get rid of everything in that is not associated with the room.

Do you put on your makeup in the bathroom?
Do your kids take baths in the master?
Do you really need 14 towels in that closet?

Prioritize. That way we are designing for what you need, not what you don’t.

Next we review the list of “Must Haves”.

More cabinet space?
A place to do make up?
A soaking tub?
A shower built for two?

For this project I was so excited that we all had the same thing on our “Must Haves”… A fireplace. A two-way fireplace that peeked from the master bath into the master bedroom. What made this a challenge, and a joy, was that we could not build a fireplace or direct vent a gas fireplace. We need something that could be built right into the Sheetrock, was self contained and environmentally friendly.

We landed on a stunning two-way bio ethanol Eco-smart fireplace with a ribbon flame. These are easy to install (professional installation is recommended) and even easier to maintain and clean. Ours will have a niche for the TV on one side and niche for candles and treasures on the other. Simply perfect.

From here we will add a new tiled walk in shower with an alcove so we can avoid sometimes costly glass shower doors, ample storage and a variety of lighting that will be both functional (a hardwired makeup mirror will cantilever out from a cabinet) and beautiful.

This exquisite chandelier from Curry and Company will stand at attention in between the double sinks and reflect light back into the room using the plate mirror behind.

Other practical perks such as hidden electrical plugs in cabinets and drawers allow us to free up valuable counter space and keep clutter at bay.

So, what do you need to know before you start down this renovation path?

Next week let’s chat about the “B” word....BUDGET, plus what to expect from your team and what makes the difference between a “Dream Renovation” and “Nightmare” and why it’s so important to pay attention to your insides!

Also, feel free to share your bathroom renovation stories with me (not too many nightmares please, they keep me up at night!) and I’ll try to feature them as well.



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