Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Rose by Any Other Name

 It was said that Albert Einstein gave a flower to a stranger every day. The release of endorphins created by that chance encounter were locked into his long term memory and, in his words, "Insured that he had at least one new memory ever day".

 Since I talk about the importance of emotion in my design quite frequently, and once again the temperature at ground layer has dipped below the level at which any respectable flower would even consider peaking her head through, I though it might be nice to reflect on how flowers in the home bring about a sense of peace and happiness (and perhaps a distant memory of warm destinations).

The Power of Flowers

 If you haven't been over to aboutflowers.com you are in for a treat. It's filled with insightful ideas and concise little papers on the effect that flowers have on the home, the workplace, and even on men (you guys get your own article!).

In a recent issue they discuss a wonderful study that was done by Rutgers University on the power that giving flowers has on a person. The research team was awestruck by the results. Every single one of the recipients reacted with a Duchenne smile, you know, that real heart felt smile with your eyes, and your cheeks, and your mouth. A 100% of the time kind of smile. 

 It appears that the simple act of giving someone flowers can have a profound effect on their psychological well being. The act of intimacy sparked a lingering connection, well past the moment of the gift. 

And it goes beyond giving. Even if you choose to give yourself flowers (as well you should) the effects were similar. A feeling of long lasting satisfaction and gratitude were reported as well as a drop in depression and anxious feelings.

So, what are some easy ways to elevate your mood, help you feel connected and foster intimacy?

  • Flowers are a great way to bring big, luscious, I might be afraid to put these colors up on my walls, color into your life. Step out of your comfort zone and go big. Bring in bold gerberas, peonies, zinnias,  or tropical flowers such as bird of paradise.
  • Place your flowers in areas of the house where you are most likely in interact with them. Greet people at the door with an arrangement in the entryway. Place a bouquet where the kids do home work or you gather for meals as a way to celebrate family. According to aboutflowers.com a low, clustered floral arrangement in shades of pink symbolize an opening of the heart. Who knows, it might just bring you more romance.
  • Feel free to mix up your flowers with other natural components. Move beyond the classic glass vase and incorporate stone, galvanized steel or even a lined library catalog (ok, yes, I did make one of these).
  • Spend a little time learning about what different flowers symbolize~
    • Daisy symbolizes innocence
    • Sunflowers beam with adoration
    • Lilac is first love
    • And yellow tulips are for those who are hopelessly in love 

However you choose to accessorize with flowers, go forth with the confidence that you can, scientifically, make someone's day 100 % of the time. 

That's good enough for me!



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