Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mandeville Canyon Designs appears in the Susan Sargent gallery

So, it is of course no surprise to anyone who knows me, that I am a huge fan of anything
Susan Sargent.  I try to use a bit of her inspiration in all my designs. Some of my more patient clients get a big dose of inspiration!

I am honored that they have chosen to put one of my most recent projects into their online gallery.

From the moment I stepped into this space, I knew that Susan's vibrant color palette and creative use of pattern and texture would be the perfect compliment to this little seaside retreat located in Seaglass Village, Wells, Maine.

Vacation homes should inspire homeowners to
reach out to their other sides.  To be bold and 
daring.  Foster the playful and free side.  
Celebrate the freedom that comes from 
reinventing oneself.  

What I love most about Susan's design sense is that while she is defined, she avoids the "Lifestyle Trap".  Some big companies would love you to just turn off the creative switch and follow them blindly from birth to death in the traditions that they tell you are correct.
While Susan Sargent can provide you with furniture, rugs, fabric, lamps, table settings...... her style encourages exploration of style and color.  The result is a refreshing and cheerful celebration of color and texture where the homeowner is invited to create a design that is made just for them.

Take a moment and check out her website:
Make sure to check out the gallery section where the cottage is featured.
For a real treat, the next time you are in Manchester, Vermont pop by the store and indulge in the full effect.

I dare you not to smile!



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